Monday, September 3, 2012

Independent Study: Overview

This fall 2012 independent study is intended to give CORE 330 China Mojo'ers Kayla Hedman and Ryan Steinmetz a semester-lomg opportunity to pursue in-depth research on a vital and important topic: Marketing in the New China. This independent study is designed to enhance their CORE 330 China Mojo course by providing a focused look at modern Chinese history, culture, production and consumerism through a marketing lens. 

The independent study consists of three elements, all equally graded:

1. China Marketing Literature Survey with Annotated Bibliography

Due for Thursday, October 5: Kayla and Ryan will examine TEN books focused on modern China, marketing, and consumerism. They will jointly develop and post here at this blog site a SINGLE annotated bibliography that lists each of their TEN selected sources in formal MLA style (including ISBN #) and provide a 2 paragraph overview (a paragraph = 5-7 sentences) detailing the major marketing-related themes, issues, problems and topics focused on by each text. (Kayla will provide one paragraph, and Ryan will provide one paragraph for each source). Each annotation should  move beyond a simple back jacket summary of the book, and focus more in-depth on key concepts, subjects, and themes addressed by the book's author.

2. Multimedia Marketing Research Paper

Printed draft due @ Burlington Airport for China Mojo Trip: Kayla and Ryan will each focus on a specific marketing topic and draft a 20 paragraph (a paragraph = 5-7 sentences) multimedia research paper that explores that topic in depth, using at least 4 books and 6 primary sources/articles, including research and/or site visits conducted while traveling in China. Their final papers will be posted at this blog.

3. Final Oral Presentation

Due by early December: Kayla and Ryan will present a formal 10 minute oral presentation to the China Mojo class in which they present their research and findings, using their blogged paper as a guide.

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